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Submissions delayed, still working out bugs
Unfortunately, I have to delay opening up submissions a little bit longer while we work on setting up permissions and some bugs. One of these bugs is how your collections are displaying (showing all releases in database). We are working on it, hold tight! Read More
Charles Band's Bogus Wizard Video VHS Releases - THE EVIDENCE
Originally published in 2013, this article is a thorough examination of Charles Band's alleged discovery of original Wizard Video VHS boxes found in one of his warehouses. This article is slightly updated from the original, as I added a ninth piece of circumstantial evidence. Enjoy! Read More
Interview with Ex Camp Video Employee, Walter Ruether
Here's an interesting interview I conducted back in January of 2009. Walter Ruether worked in the video industry in the late 80s as a salesman for two niche distributors, Camp Video and Even Steven Productions. He also worked at a video store frequented by Hollywood celebs. Read More
T-Shirts, Hoodies and More Now For Sale!
Via, we now have a small assortment of t-shirts and hoodies available for sale. All proceeds go towards further developing this site! We get about $10 per t-shirt and about $15 per hoodie. Thanks everyone! You can also find a link to the store through the "Explore More" menu. Read More
The Infamous Disney "Black Diamond" VHS Hoax Lives On
Around 2016, eBay listings started popping up showing how Disney "Black Diamond" videocassettes were selling for thousands of dollars. Despite being proven to be a hoax, I continue to receive messages regularly from people trying to sell me their Disney collection for thousands of dollars. Read More
City in Panic (1987, Trans World Entertainment) [VHS]
“A psychopathic serial killer stalks the streets, leaving a trail of horribly mutilated bodies strewn across a panic-stricken city… The only evidence is the bodies themselves, each bearing the killer’s gruesome trademark: the letter 'M' carved into the victim’s lifeless body!” Read More
Fatal Pulse (1988, Celebrity Video (Home Ent.)) [VHS]
“Who’s responsible for the horrific murders of beautiful coeds? One girl is cut-up and pushed out a window. Another is sadistically tortured. And yet a third is suffocated by a concrete facial. When will this madness end… and what sadistic killer is behind it?” Read More
Naked Massacre (1984, Vidcrest) [VHS]
“Set against the hallucinatory backdrop of Belfast, Ireland, a scene of seemingly endless, bloody civil war, NAKED MASSACRE depicts a scalpel-sharp reality based on true, specific events. It is the ultimate, hard-edged film witness of the pure, gratuitous violence of our era.” Read More
Mardi Gras Massacre (1983, VCII, Inc.) [VHS]
“An Aztec priest arrives on the scene to revive the blood ritual of human sacrifice to the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl. The priest sacrifices three victims considered evil by slicing the hand and the bottom of the foot, and cutting out the heart while the victim is still alive.” Read More
Headless Eyes (1986, Wizard Video) [VHS]
“With an eye hanging down his cheek and driven insane by pain and horror, the artist seeks vengeance on the world - and the sex - that maimed him. He stalks beautiful women through the streets of New York, leaving a gory trail of hideously mutilated bodies that makes headlines and baffles police!” Read More

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