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News posted December 13, 2018 by Slasher Index

A Rundown of Incomplete Features on the Site

As a heads up, I wanted to share with you guys some of the more important features that we need funding to complete. Read about them here.


Below is a list of some top priority tasks that need to be completed on the site. The fourth one below is a little vague, but it basically encompasses all the small bug fixes and tweaks that add up to making a big difference. I'm in the process of puting together a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise the funds for the outstanding work. Keep a look out, and remember, use our affiliate links (eBay and Amazon), they really do help!


1) News / Articles / Reviews - We had to put these on the back burner in order to give priority to the database (can't you tell by how awful this page looks?? :P ). Any fund we're able to raise will help us finish the designing and implementation of these pages so that we can continue to share some incredibly insightful articles on home video history. During the development of the new website, I have been researching and writing articles on various aspects of home video history, particularly, the early roots of home video and its founders. I'm very much looking forward to sharing this work with you guys.

2) Moderation System - Without the data, we don't have an archive. Currently, new submissions to the site are suspended due to our new and improved moderation system having not been completed. We have many collectors, film fans, and historians waiting to submit to our large pool of data. This is a crucial feature that will allow us to continue documenting, cataloging and preserving the history of home video.

3) Forums - As with all online communities, it's important that we have a platform to discuss those things important to us about home video and its history. We will be using a powerful 3rd party bulletin system this time around. Not only does using this software have a price, it will also cost us to have the software integrated into and configured. Software alone costs between $250-400.

4) Miscellaneous bug fixes and tweaks - We have a long list of small bug fixes and tweaks we must address. Although not as crucial as the above points, completing these will greatly improve the experience. A few of these include fixing incorrect sorting on tables, completing the "Daily Cover Rewind" feature, and many more.

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