These are the most sought after by collectors. Reason being that these weren't produced exclusively for the sale to the general public, but rather the video rental stores that rose during the 80's. With the birth of the VCR, VHS's were expensive to buy for home use. This problem was solved when VHS's were made available to rent. The reason the box became big with the introduction of video rentals was that it enlarged the artwork of the movie, capturing the atention of those who walk pass it in the store. This large box was even more so important for films with little distribution due to the lack of funds. The big box with its vivid artwork became one of the few sources of marketing. The largest genre to benefit this during the 80's were horror. Finding a large box with a decapitated head in a pool of blood conjured up all kind of images in ones head. Many times the artwork was misleading, but to distributors, it didn't matter, as long as the movie was rented out and made money. Although Big Boxes have died out with mom and pop video rental stores, they survived longer in the porn industry.