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A Different Story

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A Different Story (1978)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date: June 14, 1978 (Baronet theater, Manhattan)

Boxoffice: $1,000,000

Avco Embassy tried very hard to make this a hit. First releasing it to a number of theaters in May 1978-it flopped. Then a prestige opening in a tony Manhattan theater as an exclusive where it played 2 weeks, after opening up the same day as GREASE and JAWS 2! Unprecedentedly they withdrew it from theaters and held it until January 1979-a slow period for films -where it made a decent $1,000,000 with a whole new campaign. Ive included three posters to show its evolution.

Trivia: 1978 saw a number of Vietnam War themed films opening. THE DEER HUNTER won Best Picture while COMING HOME won Acor and Actress. What was Avco/Embassy's Vietnam War film? Another film that year was more of a MASH like comedy, what was this Vietnam War films title? How did it almost copy MASH? In which way does COMING HOME compare to a Best Pioture nominee in this years race?

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