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The Next Man

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The Next Man (1976)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date: November 10, 1976

Distrib: Allied Artists

Allied Artists Home Video was a shortlived pipeline for the many Allied Artists movies that were in theaters from the 60s.

Allied Artists later licensed their library to Fox who put out various titles through Key , Magnetic and CBS/Fox.

The library was later absorbed by Warner Brothers which has control of it for further home releases.

The Allied Artists Video box was a hard shelled box with one spine exposing the vhs tape where it slid out of its case like a draw.

Many Allied Artists films went to public domain under different titles. THE NEXT MAN has been released on budget labels under titles such as THE ARAB CONSPIRACY and DOUBLE HIT.

Trivia: Name these Allied Artists films under their vhs titles:


Which late Allied Artists film was trashed by critics but whose legendary actors performance was hailed as one of his best and Oscar worthy by two of the most esteemed critics of the day-Pauline Kael & Vincent Canby? Name the actor?

Which Allied Artists film of the 70s was nominated for Best Song at the Oscars?

Which film won the Oscar for Best Song that year and what is the irony of the Allied Artists film in relation?

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