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Old Boyfriends

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Old Boyfriends (1979)

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Additional Information
One taught her. One betrayed her. One loved her.

Old Boyfriends is an American film drama first released on 13th April 1979, directed by Joan Tewkesbury. The film stars Talia Shire, Richard Jordan, Keith Carradine, John Belushi and John Houseman.

It is an Edward R. Pressman Film production, produced by Will Hokin and distributed by AVCO Embassy Pictures.

The film was released with the tagline: "...what happens when you see them again?"

Our overall rating for Old Boyfriends is: mediocre, a film that has some saving graces and is reasonably watchable - probably worth seeing if it pops up on television.

Other notable films directed by Joan Tewkesbury include Strangers (1991).

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