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Paradise (1982)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Two teenagers living in the Victorian era are traveling from Baghdad to Damascus when their party is attacked and all of the adults are killed. After the two are taken prisoner by a shiek, they manage to escape, and alone in the desert they discover love, sex and how to survive.

oducers of the film, Robert Lantos and Stephen J. Roth first selected Aames and later after a screen test agreed on Cates for the role of Sarah.[9] The film marks Cates' motion picture debut, who was 17 years old at the time of filming, that followed her modeling career. Cates had a starring role in the film, which involved her in several full nude scenes. Cates was also selected for the production of the film to sing the movie's theme song.[10] The film was shot on location at various settings in Israel including Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee.[7][11]
During production, Aames and Cates both decided that the film did not need as much nudity as the script set out.[12] In interviews, Aames and Cates claimed that "the producer (Lantos) went back to Canada and used somebody else in the shots.[8] They weren't in the version of the film they showed us for approval. When I finally got to see the final print months later, I flipped."[12] Lantos responded to this by saying that it was up to himself and the distributor to decide on how the final print would be, not up to any of the actors. He furthermore claimed that "99% of it was what Willie and Phoebe shot."[12]
Nevertheless, Aames agreed to promote the film, because he admitted that "aside from those parts that bother me, it's a damn good film."[12] Cates felt differently, and refused to have anything to do with the promotion such as screenings and parties.[12][8] According to Aames, Cates was "really upset" by the film.

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