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Stingray (1978)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date : August 25, 1978

Distributor: Avco/Embassy

Boxoffice: $1,250,000

One year after the blockbuster STAR WARS premiered, Mark Hamils followup movie was an MGM action/comedy called CORVETTE SUMMER, which premiered in most cities in June 1978. It's shooting title was "Stingray" and it briefly flirted with the title "The Hot One" (its advertising posters announced "The Hot One" is coming) before settling on the more frivolous CORVETTE SUMMER.

Cars were a big deal in movies of the 70s ...VANISHING POINT, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT , had their Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camarp become as much of a star as the human actors. Avco/Embassy picked up an action thriller that also had a Corvette prominently in it. When MGM dropped the title STINGRAY , Avco grabbed it. The 2 films competed at the Summer 1978 boxoffice with the charming SUMMER clearly the winner (although it was no STAR WARS). In New York they debuted within a week of each other.

Trivia: Name these car titled movies:

A) This muscle car had 2 movies named after it in the early 70s-and their subject matter couldnt be more different. One was a Disney tv film and the other a hardcore documentary?

B) A horror movie that had nothing to do with the car it has in its one word title

C) An 80s action star had a muscle car in its title, but his character drove a Mercury in the movie?

) A recent Oscar nominee for Best Picture?

E) A huge boxoffice action star of the 70s/80s starred in this road comedy with an actress some would call a "jerk" for starring in. It has a car in its title?

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