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Summerdog (1977)

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Additional Information
A film for the entire family!

In this heart-tugging kids movie, a vacationing family finds an abandoned mutt and kindly decide to name him Hobo and take him to their home in the big city. When their wicked landlord finds out about the pooch, he threatens to boot them out. Fortunately, Hobo helps to prove that the landlord isn't quite what he seems and manages to protect his newly adopted family.

"SUMMERDOG" is the story of Hobo, the abandoned dog. He is rescued from a racoon [sic] trap by the Normans, an urban family, during their summer vacation. They decide to keep Hobo after a vet explains he is just a summer dog left behind by holidaymakers, and will probably have to be put away. Peter and Carol Norman with their children, Adam and Becky, spend an eventful vacation in the picturesque mountains of New England. They are raided by racoons [sic], trapped in an abandoned iron furnace, lost on a mountain top and hounded by their trapper neighbour. It is Hobo who manages to get them out of their misadventures. Once back in their city apartment, the Normans know they cannot leave Hobo behind. Their landlord, Mr. Baleeka, has a heart of stone and seems to spend a lot of the time in the basement. He tells them bluntly that if they don't get rid of the dog he will evict the family. While trying to find a good home for Hobo, Adam and Becky spy on Mr. Baleeka's unusual activities. With eviction threatening, the only solution for Hobo seems to be the city dog pound. Adam runs away with Hobo, and spends a scary night in the park until he is rescued by a sympathetic panhandler and eventually the police. The police are interested to learn of Mr. Baleeka's basement. It transpires that he is as crooked as a country lane and twice as dirty. After an exciting chase, Hobo finds Mr. Baleeka hiding with a cache of stolen jewellery. The Normans get a new landlord, and Hobo can stay with the family.

Release Date: November 18, 1977

Distrib: Salisbury Associates

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