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Union City

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Union City (1981)

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Additional Information
Mark Reichart wrote and directed this disturbing tale of mounting paranoia, based on a story by Cornell Woolrich. Harlan (Dennis Lipscomb) is a New Jersey businessman who becomes obsessed with trying to catch the person who has been stealing sips from the milk bottle delivered to his doorstep every morning. His wife Lillian (Debbie Harry) complacently puts up with her husband's increasingly bizarre behavior. Harlan finally goes off the deep end when he captures the culprit --a homeless Vietnam War veteran (Sam McMurray). He reacts with such fury that he bashes the man's head in. Then, to hide his crime, he conceals the body in a Murphy bed in the abandoned apartment next door.

Harlan (Lipscomb) is a repressed, uptight accountant living in an apartment block with his beautiful, neglected wife Lillian (Harry). He becomes obsessed with discovering who is drinking from the milk bottles left outside his apartment every morning and devises a series of ever-more complex traps and alarm systems, eventually finding the culprit to be a homeless war veteran (Sam McMurray). The vagrant apologises but the obsessive Harlan attacks him, knocking him down and seemingly cracking his skull. In a panic he hides the body behind the folding bed in another vacant apartment opposite his own.
Harlan's behaviour becomes ever more irrational, driving Lillian away from him and into the arms of building supervisor Larry Longacre (McGill); he believes another deranged resident known as the Contessa (Irina Maleeva) is planning to run away with him and puts potential residents off the room where he hid the vagrant's body with his bizarre behaviour.
However, eventually a young couple of newly-weds, Alphonse (Tony Azito) and Jeanette (Pat Benatar) Flourescu move in. Harlan attempts to dissaude Alphonse from opening the bed but is unsuccessful. Alphonse looks at the bloody but empty bed as a terrified Harlan throws himself through the apartment to his death on the street below. A crowd gathers around his body, watched briefly by the disinterested vagrant, alive with his head bandaged.

Release Date: September 26, 1980

Distrib: Kinesis Films

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