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Women in Love

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131 mins (NTSC)
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Women in Love (1970)

Additional Information

Additional Information
A stalwart vhs release. Magnetic , CBS/Fox, MGM/UA all had success with this title. The version here is from MGM/UA's bland looking contemporary line.

Advertised on posters and trailers with the groundbreaking wrestling scene with the nude Oliver Reed and Alan Bates, this unlikely film became a hit for United Artists and won an Oscar for its star Glenda Jackson.

Trivia: Glenda Jackson won two Oscars in the 70s and was nominated for 2 more-all within 5 years. What were her other nominated films? Who was the next 3 actresses to win dual Oscars all within 5 years of their first one? Out of these 4 actresses who was the only won to win both in the same decade? How many out of the four won every time they were nominated? Which one may break her record this year?

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